Tomi Broadband

Switching to Tomi

Are there any requirements to get connected with Tomi?

In order to connect to the Tomi service, your premises must have access to the nbn™ (National Broadband Network).

To use your broadband connection you must have a compatible nbn™ modem, which Tomi will provide upon signup.

The address can be checked here: Check my address

What if I don’t have a phone line, can I still get connected with Tomi?

The Tomi service is only available to customers that have nbn™ infrastructure at their premises.

I am currently using an nbn™ service, can I sign up for an ADSL2+ service with Tomi?

If you are currently connected to the nbn™, you will no longer be able to connect to the copper-based ADSL2+ service. Tomi can switch you from you current nbn™ provider.

I currently have an active service with another provider, will there be any downtime when I switch to Tomi?

You will be able to use your current service until the day your Tomi connection is activated. Whilst the service is being cutover, you may notice there will be a downtime of up to 4 hours before your Tomi connection is activated.

To check if Tomi is available at your place contact our customer support team so we perform a Service Qualification and confirm the availability for you.

What will it cost me to switch to Tomi?

Tomi offers both contract and no-contract plans. Whilst contract plans have zero connection fee, non-contract plans will incur a connection fee of $99.

If you are currently under contract with another provider, you may be liable for an early termination fee that will vary from provider-to-provider. If you are no longer in your contract period, this fee will not be applicable if you switch to Tomi.

I have just signed up with Tomi, how long will it be before everything is up and running? Is there a way to speed up the activation process?

Once you have completed the sign up process, we will perform a Service Qualification on your premises to check your eligibility for Tomi’s services. Once your address is confirmed as eligible, you should expect the connection to be up and running within 21 business days.

In some cases, we may be able to connect your service within 48 hours.

Once I sign-up for Tomi, do I cancel with my current provider right away?

You shouldn’t cancel your current service whilst in the middle of switching providers as it may disrupt your connection process.

Once your connection has been switched to Tomi, your previous service provider will be notified of the cutover so that they can cancel accordingly. However, we suggest that you contact your previous service provider once your new connection is up and running so that they can confirm that cancellation has taken place.

I have a modem that was provided when I signed up to my current broadband provider. Will this work with Tomi?

You must use Tomi’s nbn™ Approved modem. This is purchased upon plan signup.

I am on a high speed connection with my current provider, will I be able to achieve the same speeds from Tomi?

Your internet speed is based on a number of factors including your equipment, the quality and location of your line, and the applications that you are using.

The speeds that you achieve with your current provider should also mean that speeds on your Tomi connection will be similar if not better.

We cannot guarantee that your speed will be the same or better, however will do our best to give you the fastest speed possible. We avoid shaping speeds unlike many other providers.

What is PauseTime?

Available to customers who have had an active connection with Tomi for at least three months, PauseTime is great way to save money while you are away from home. By pausing your usage and your billing, you no longer have to pay for a connection that isn’t being used.

Accumulating over time, customers will have access of up to 4 weeks of PauseTime every 12 months. Simply choose when you wish to turn PauseTime on or off in your account settings, it’s that easy.

For more information regarding PauseTime, contact our customer support team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Am I able to switch between plans?

Tomi allows customers to freely switch between any of our available plans whilst maintaining the same contract term, and without having to worry about being charged to do so. You will be able to switch plans once every 6 months.

Feel free to upgrade or downgrade your plan by contacting our customer support team.